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Modern Designs

Websites are changing drastically and competition is becoming harder each day. Stand out from the crowd with a modern up to date website. WebProud offers eye catching modern designs which really stand out.


Social Media is a great way to keep in touch with potential customers as well as advertising your products and services. WebProud links all social medias to the websites they design and also offer Social media management in many of there packages. Contact us for more information. We don’t bite 🙂

Responsive Layout

All of our websites come with a responsive layout which makes your site accessible anywhere with a connection. Whether that is via phone or tablet, stay connected!

E-commerce Websites

Have a shop? We can offer you a fully functional E-Commerce site. Users will be able to interact with your shop and view the amazing products you have to sell.

E-commerce Shop

WebProud allows you to sell physical and digital products accepting all major online payments including PayPal. Be in control of sales by adding discount coupons , delivery charges, variable options and unique product images.

Search engine optimization

Boost your site in Google and gain more traffic and potential customers! All WebProud websites come with standard SEO implementation, however take it that step further with our SEO monthly updates and see results follow with Google Analytics that we set up for you!


We offer standard web hosting prices allowing businesses to take things a step further with a choice of Unlimited Web space, or standard allowances.

Digital Agency

Although web design is our specialty, we don’t stop there! Logo design, domain purchase, content management, business card production, or even general business advice. Get in touch!